Jay Drydyk

Jay Drydyk teaches in the Department of Philosophy of Carleton University. He brings the project wide and systematic knowledge of development ethics. He is President of the International Development Ethics Association (IDEA) and a Fellow of the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA). His work on the values of development ethics and on disempowering processes (forthcoming) arose from two projects on development-induced displacement, one funded by CIDA and Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, and another funded by SSHRC. Some of his findings are published in "Unequal Benefits: The Ethics of Development-Induced Displacement," Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (2007c).

Drydyk's research includes work on justice, which appears in Global Justice, Global Democracy; Prospects for a New Internationalism (1997) and in "Capability Justice: Equality, Sufficiency, or Priority for the Worst-off?" (2007). His work for this project on empowerment includes the articles, "What Makes Development More Democratic?" (2005) and "Durable Empowerment" (2008).